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Ok so there is this girl on Inkednation... She has a tattoo on her neck of a ringpop. I saw it awhile back and I LOVED it. For such a bold move on her neck i thought it had alot of feminine flare to it. How many other people in this world have ringpop tattoos? I have seen with my own eyes at least 4. But anyways I thought a ring pop would fit nicely with my sleeve. It represents (to me) one of the seven deadly sins that I am trying to portray (gluttony) and gives it a cutsie girly flare. So I added it in with my Apocalypse ponies. Little did i know she ALSO has ponies on her neck. They are close to the ring pop but I couldnt see that from the picture she posted. So I get my outline and I decide to show my friend where I got the idea for the ringpop. I see her other pics and am like holy fuck. And then I thought well thank god i got the apocalyptic ponies and not actual my little ponies (hers are all small and cute with bright colors where as mine are larger and evil looking and i have 4 she has 2). She doesnt see it that way. She thinks I stole her idea to claim it as my own and has literally gone NUTS on me. I tried to be respectful and tell her the situation but instead have only gotten shit from her and her friends. Jesus christ does the shit not stop flying? Maybe it wasnt a great call on my part but I didnt steal her idea. I only got an idea from it. You would think someone would be happy to know someone liked their idea. Anyways I understand how she would be a little upset. I wish i would have looked more and saw her ponies. I wouldnt have gotten what i did. I have even talked to my artist about covering it somehow which really upsets me cause the tattoo has great signifigance to me. Oh well I guess. I dont need or want the drama. Its so fucking retarded. Everyone thinks their tattoos are so original... i didnt copy her work. Plain and simple. No way out of this though. Fucking fuck. I really liked my sleeve to. Now i hate it.

Shit is shit

Things are kind of loopy right now. Band is taking a break from playing shows which is good cause we need to write but all of the sudden we are getting offers to play mega shows... boo on people! And boo on me for not being able to write more. Got some good X mas presents... I shall list them....

DragonForce T shirt (hell fucking yeah, best band EVER!)
Silicone bakeware (because I bake alot dont you know?)
Steam Vac
Three long sleeved shirts from my mother that cover all my tattoos.
Makeup Mirror
A mug
Body Wash (No someone isnt trying to tell me I stink)
Target Gift card (not sure for how much)
Money from my Father... woo hoo. I am going to use it on my tattoo and I am going to Revol tomorrow to buy a phone and set up a plan.
Laura got me some cute Cherry stuff including a pen, a pencil, and an earaser which i thought was cool cause i love Cherry Bombs and I write alot so good job Luara. Score one for you!
Candy... that I am not going to eat if anyone is interested.
Bought myself Dungeons and Dragons cause I am a nerd... yeah fuck you too.
Might go get my ears pierced at a 4g.
I am sure I got more but I am tired and a little irritated.

I got freedom this year. You all know soon what that means.

Oh yeah we played an awesome show on the 23rd. Totally rocked it. I didnt stick around but I thought we did amazing and I had a WONDERFUL night. Of course vomit knocked the drums into my leg. OUCH! Thanks Vomit... I owe you one.

It snowed, just now, after Christmas. Boo.
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I'm Back!

I started running again tonight. It felt good and I did really well. I was able to jog from one side of my apartment complex to the other and back again. No cramps and I kept my breathing under control. Although I am slightly regretting starting to run tonight cause now my throat is acting funny. Breathing in that cold air has set me into a fit of coughs. But... I do feel good. If I can keep this up I should be able to lose some more wight before my New Years in NYC!

I love my life

OK so this is whats going on.
I got my dreads in. Fabulous. A little "WOW!" but I like them and so does everyone else. I had a FABULOUS time in Columbus Ohio with my gypsy queen sisters. We partied at the Basement. I got alot of cool pictures. Shared a room with two of my indy Sisters, Cannon, and Michelle, both whom I adore. The road trip was just a blast and I cant wait to do it again.
This week I have to work but they are giving me more hours and a chance to make tips so yay for me. Tuesday is band practice and Thursday is the bender show! I am hella excited about this show. Alot of people I know will be there too. Then on Saturday I get more work done on my sleeve. The Saturday after that we have our Punk Rock X mas show at the tip top. I am excited about that show too.
The big news is that for new years eve James and I are flying to NEW YORK CITY!!! AH! I am super fucking excited. I have never been there. We are getting vouchers through the GQs for round trip tickets for $99. Plus the hotel room is only $40 a night. And we get a free ride from the airport to the hotel. And the New Years Eve we party in an Irish Pub that they are renting out!!! We might fly in on the 30th and then we will be flying out on the 1st.
So i have lost some weight and gained some muscle. I have been eating carefully and working out a good deal. Oh life is good and I am riding the train to happyville.
Oh also, its official, I will be Musician of the Month in Inked Angels Magazine!!! I dont know when it will be coming out but they are going to send me a free copy of the one I will be featured in.
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new new new

So james will probably be getting a job near greenwood. He really wants the job and he thinks its his. So ya thats wonderful. My neck hurts.
I finished making my new dreads and made them into a temporary falls just to take a pic to see how they will look when they are in. here are pics. Aren't the prettiful?

Tomorrow they will be put in my hair. I am excited. They are alot shorter this time and thinner. I like the colors.
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Well james was sending out resumes and the companies wernt getting them because of a mistake on the website. So james got it fixed and sent them all back out lastnight and so far I have taken two calls for him for interviews. I am excited for him. I know that makes him feel better.

I have been working out lately. I have been trying to do a little bit of weight training. My arms are hurting pretty bad, but its kind of a good hurt. I can notice a difference in my arms already. I am going to ask my father to get me a mebership to a gym that has childcare for Christmas.

Well I need to go buy the hair to make new dreads. If anyone wants to help me make them or put them in I would highly appreciate it. Seriously.

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So I got my christmas tree up. It is so jenky looking. I guess its not too bad. It was one of those cheap target trees. It will work for now. I also put some lights up outside. That made me happy. I love blue christmas lights. I am gonna put some purple up too. I just need to go get an extension cord.
I think I know what I am going to ask my father for christmas. I remember when I lived with him he always told me I was getting fat and to lose weight so I am going to ask him to get me a membership at a gym that has childcare. I'd really like to shed these pregnancy pounds. Its been two years... I think its time and its not a good excuse for being fat anymore. Plus I just feel like working out. With Phoenix with me all the time its hard to even do crunches. She wants to jump on my head like its a game. AShe is sitting next to me right now "drinking" tea out of her disney princess tea set. SO cute. I have been getting alot of good videos of her lately. A couple of her playing drums and a couple of her trying to breakdance to daft Punk and Felix Da Housecat. Cute as hell.
My makeup looked so cute lastnight. Oh and here is a pic of the work done on my sleeve. My religious piece. The mushroom cloud looks so cool. Its not done yet. I am excited to get more work on it. I figured out what I am putting on my lower arm. I am supa excited.

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